Langaton hiiri Inphic M2B langaton hiiri (Silver)

Hiiren tyyppi: Langaton hiiri
Anturin tyyppi: Optinen
Tuotekoodi: 2983733


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Tuotteen kuvaus: Inphic M2B langaton hiiri (Silver)

Inphic M2B Bluetooth Wireless Mouse

The M2B mouse connects directly to your device via Bluetooth connection, so you don't need any additional software or cables. Simply turn on Bluetooth on your laptop or PC. Then turn on the mouse, using the button on the bottom of the product and pair your device with the M2B. The connection range is up to 10m.

Thoughtful design

The operating noise of the left and right mouse buttons has been reduced by 90%, so you can use it wherever you want without worry. Moreover, the device has 3 DPI levels: 800/1200/1600, so you can customize it according to your needs. On the bottom of the mouse is a power button and a Bluetooth key. For the stability, the M2B is equipped with anti-slip strips.

Energy efficient

The computer mouse is equipped with a high-capacity battery, which reduces the frequency of charging. Also, after 8 minutes of non-use, the device will go into standby mode to save power.

Comfort of use

The Inphic brand mouse features an ergonomic design for long-lasting comfort. The sweat-resistant material finish ensures comfort. The slim design and weight of 63g makes it easy to store the product in a bag or backpack and makes the device also suitable for travel.


The manufacturer has made sure that the M2B is available for as many software applications as possible. The device works with Windows, Mac, Android and iOS. The Inphic computer mouse is compatible with devices such as laptop, PC, notebook, tablet, iPad and MacBook.

Packing list:

  • M2B computer mouse

  • USB charging cable





Bluetooth 5.0

Signal range
do 10m

112 x 57.5 x 27 mm


800/1200/1600 DPI

Wireless carrier frequency
2402 - 2480 MHz

3.7 V

Working current

Input voltage
5 V 500mA

Operating system
Windows, Mac, Android, iOS

Yleiset tuotetiedot: Inphic M2B langaton hiiri (Silver)

Tuotekoodi: 2983733
Kategoria: Hiiret
Valmistajan koodi: M2B (Silver)
Pakkausten määrä: 1 kpl
Pakkauksen koko ja paino (1): 0,62 x 0,35 x 0,18 m, 3 kg
Tuotemerkki: Inphic
Hiiren tyyppi: Langaton hiiri
Näytä: Inphic, langaton hiiri hiiret
Anturin tyyppi: Optinen
Painikkeet: 3
Väri: Valkoinen
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Inphic M2B langaton hiiri (Silver)
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